Hpv And Oral Cancer – The Need For Routine Examinations

Furthermore, data suggests that women whose periodontal condition worsens during pregnancy have an even higher risk of having a premature baby. One of the most common dental problems associated with pregnancy is a condition known as pregnancy Gingivitis. Gingivitis during pregnancy is a common feature as hormonal changes are known to trigger off reactions to oral irritants and cause gum diseases.Studies conducted on pregnant and non-pregnant women have revealed that during the first and second trimesters, pregnant women may show signs of swollen gums that bleed easily.In-fact 8 out of 10 moms-to-be complain of weak gums and oral general dentist complications. However,fortunately the early signs of gum disease during pregnancy appear to be reversible.
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If lesions are seen in the mouth, procedures that may include fluorescent illumination, staining, or biopsies (tissue sample sent to lab for diagnosis) may be used to find abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer. According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Up to 80% of Americans will have an HPV infection in their lifetime. 99% of those infected will clear these infections without consequence, or even knowing that they had the infection, as it produces no symptoms for them to notice.
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