Tom’s Of Maine Teams Up With Oral Health America To Teach Kids Good Oral Care

The more a parent or guardian shows and teaches them about oral hygiene the less they will have to worry about numerous trips to the dentist office, for what could be very pricey repairs. It is not just about brushing their teeth. It is about complete oral care. Toms of Maine is teaming up with the national nonprofit organization Oral Health America to help with this training. They are providing a free coloring book called Brushing Fun, which has tips and facts about oral care for children.
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Henry Schein Introduces Software For Dental Hygiene Schools

In addition, axiUm’s support for digital radiography, perio charting, patient and student privacy, and the ability to handle our large database of patients were key factors in our decision.” “axiUm is the leader in providing innovative software solutions to the dental education market in North America and is recognized worldwide,” said Ted DeVries, President of the Exan Group. “We are pleased to now offer an excellent solution to the dental hygiene education segment and look forward to being the software of choice for all dental education institutions.” The Benefits for Dental Hygiene Institutions Superior to Commercial Software axiUm Dental Hygiene Edition is the leading solution in North America designed to adapt to, and comply with, the needs of the dental education environment. Complete Student Management With advanced security, detailed auditing, evaluations, authorization requirements, appointment and rotation scheduling, and secure messaging, axiUm Dental Hygiene Edition supports the ability to manage student progress towards graduation requirements and supervise all clinical activities. Hands-On Experience with Electronic Health Records axiUm Dental Hygiene Edition enables educators to provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). By doing so, students gain knowledge in EHRs during their dental hygiene training that they can carry with them into general dentist their careers. “With technology advancements and government health care initiatives, fluency with electronic health records is becoming essential for all health care professionals, including dental hygienists,” said Ryan Brandon, Director of Product Management at Exan Group. “To properly prepare for their future professional work environment, dental hygienists need to be educated on a system with both clinical EHR and advanced practice management features.” “The ‘preventative dentistry’ movement starts with dental hygiene, and this move has sparked an increased demand for the use of electronic health records,” added Ted DeVries. “The EHR is the core of axiUm Dental Hygiene Edition’s functionality.
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